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Spendid Flower 3D Multilayered Mandala Wall Clock

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Why do I need mandala art clocks ?

If you want to decorate your house with items that have meaning and at the same time create a relaxing environment, Mandala art clocks is a perfect option for you.

Mandalas originate from India and are a symbolic spiritual representation of the cosmos. This type of drawing is very popular in Buddhism and Hinduism. From Sanskrit, the word is literally translated as “circle”. Mandala boosts your vision senses and helps concentration.

The principal function of these drawings is as an aid to meditation and relaxation. They are drawn from the centre towards the outer edges, and the shapes have different meanings.


Where can I use mandala art ?

  • A big mandala behind or against the bedhead. This is an original idea and is also a great alternative to traditional bed headboards. Center the drawing with the bed and make it just a little smaller than the width of the bed. 
  • A mandala in the entryway. Imagine that you arrive home after a long day to a tranquil mandala art in the entrance lobby. If you like the boho style some candles with mandala artwork on the entryway table would be the perfect complement
  • A mandala behind the sofa. This idea is the same as the one above for behind the bedhead. The only difference is that it’s for behind the sofa. Another option is to use various smaller mandalas instead of just one big one. 

Even if you are not a fan of mandala or meditation, its a wonderful piece of art on your wall.

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