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Foldable Push up Board

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Chest Gains Lacking?
Get the most out of every push-up with the PushUp Grip! With 14 different positions and angles, this board helps you work your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and core muscles all at once. Get in shape and get toned.
The Easiest Chest Builder
With the PushUp Grip, you can keep the workout at home! Our color-coded muscle targeting system makes it easy to use and perfect for any fitness level. The PushUp Grip promotes proper form to ensure you get the most out of your workouts and maximize your upper body strength and definition.
Save Your Wrists, Increase ROM 
The PushUp Grip system is an effective exercise tool that can help improve strength and flexibility. It allows you to complete various push-up variations, which target different muscle groups while minimizing strain on your wrists. The increased range of motion helps to build muscle and increase flexibility. 
Increase Your Core Strength
The push-up board forces you to be in a plank position..increasing core strength and tone. With regular use, the PushUp Grip can help you increase strength and tone for your entire upper body and core.
Take It To Go Or Store It Away
Featuring non-slip rubber feet for stability and a foldable design for easy storage and travel. The board is made from high-quality materials and is built to last.
Benefits You'll Love..

☑ Build Upper Body Muscle - Chest, Back, Shoulders & Arms
☑ Burn Calories Fast With A Calisthenic Workout
 Save Rs.1000's On Gym Memberships
 Wide Range Of Push-Up Variations
 Prevent Injuries To Wrists And Hands
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